The TypeScript SDK can be installed via your favourite package manager, e.g. pnpm

pnpm add @sailhouse/client

Basic Usage

Importing and initialising

The SailhouseClient class from the package has everything we need to get started.

Provided you have generated a token, you can create a client from the class.

import { SailhouseClient } from '@sailhouse/client';

const client = new SailhouseClient(process.env.SAILHOUSE_TOKEN);

// lets go πŸŽ‰

Sending an event

The client has an async publish method for sending data to a given topic.

await client.publish("some-topic", {
    text: "example contents",
    obj: {
        key: "value",

The second argument can be any object. Ideally, this should just be a map, as the contents are stringified via JSON.stringify(...) and we don’t want that to get messy.

Recieving events from a pull subscription

The client has a getEvents method for pull subscriptions.

const { events } = await client.getEvents<Message>(

await Promise.all( (event) => {
// Do something with the event πŸ€”

await event.ack();