Why use Sailhouse over Kakfa, GCP Pub/Sub, Azure Service Bus etc.?

Simple answer - simplicity.

Sailhouse is built to make event-driven applications easy. Built out of a frustration for using event systems at scale, it’s designed to solve the problems you run into and get out of your way for the rest.

From the CLI to the SDKs, it’s all about taking idea -> concept -> launch as quickly as possible.

Can I see the data in events?


This was a must for the early versions of the platform. Can be done both on the App and CLI.


Where is the data located?

London, UK. We have a cache on the edge, for performance, but this is deleted as soon as the data has been recieved centrally.

Is it on the edge?

Sailhouse is deployed globally, based on utilisation patterns of existing applications. Going forward, we’re looking to strengthen our global presence to maximise performance.

Currently, hosted in:

  • London
  • Virginia

Is data encrypted?

Yes, in transit and at rest.

Do you offer an SLA?

Yes, for Enterprise plans. Contact us for more information!