You can schedule events to be processed a time after they’re sent. This can be done at either for a given event, or a subscription, depending on your needs.


To scheduled event to a topic, you can set a property when publishing the event to define the exact time for the event to be sent to all subscribers.

This is often useful for scheduling a future job, for example processing a payment 14 days after an order, or sending a reminder of a task that is due.

const now = new Date();
const due = addDays(now, 14);

await client.publish('send-payment-invoice', {
    customer_id: 'cust_123',
    invoice_id: 'inv_321',
}, {
    date: due


This feature is currently in private beta, to enable, please contact us.

You can also define an offset on a given subscription. This is more in tradition with a pub/sub application, but Sailhouse is more than flexible enough to accomodate any pattern.


For a given subscription, you can set a fixed value of time to delay the processing of an event within a subscription.

Taking the same pattern as above, where we want to send an invoice after 14 days, you could create a send-payment-invoice subscription on a order-made topic, and configure it’s offset to be 14 days.

This is available for both push and pull subscriptions, but not for any integration subscriptions such as Slack.